Spooky times will be had. #almostoctober

Watch the vid that inspired the ride: GHOSTRIDERS II


The Wolf Man, 1941

They Live (1988)

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Italian poster art for El Monstruo Resucitado, the 1953 Mexican horror film known in the US as The Monstrous Doctor Crimen

Complete 95 minute film on youtube


Vintage Sci Fi - Artist unknown

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Colin Clive lights Boris Karloff’s cigarette during a break on the set of “The Bride of Frankenstein” (1935)

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photos by (click pic) michael poliza, dennis fast and matthias brieter of polar bears amongst the fireweed in churchill, manitoba. the area has the largest, and most southerly, concentration of the animals on the planet. in late summer and early fall the polar bears make their way to the hudson bay, waiting for it freeze over so they can hunt for seals on the ice. but every year, the ice is forming later and later, forcing the polar bears to go hungry for longer. (more polar bear posts

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(via ghastlydelights)